Research grant to enhance workplace learning

Associate Professor Franziska Trede from Charles Sturt University’s Education For Practice Institute will lead a team of five researchers from CSU, the
University of Sydney, Deakin University, and the University of Western Sydney for
a two-year project funded by the Commonwealth Office for Learning and Teaching. The project entitled ‘Enhancing Workplace Learning Through Mobile Technology’ will explore how students can make better use of personal digital
devices in workplace learning situations to bridge different learning spaces (classroom, workplace and virtual), connect learning and work, and strengthen networked, collaborative, integrative communication processes between students, academics and workplace educators.

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One thought on “Research grant to enhance workplace learning

  1. Franziska importantly highlights the need to commence the inevitable dialog of mobile technology use in workplace learning. It’s happening already and without careful union of expectations from educators, students, workplace stakeholders then disharmony may occur. Solving these differences together is paramount for not only enabling MT in WPL but also to leverage the immense potential of being connected to the world’s knowledge through the internet to the benefit of our planet and it’s inhabitants.

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