Using mobile technology for workplace learning

Findings from the project ‘Enhancing Workplace Learning through Mobile Technology’ project’s findings from surveys, focus groups and interviews provide insights into how mobile technology can be creatively integrated into workplace learning (WPL) to meet individual needs of students and unique institutional and placement policies and practices around the use of personal mobile devices and social media. The findings also point to mobile learning solutions to persistent WPL challenges and problems, and provide some evidence for the need to better understand the barriers and drivers for uptake of technology use to enhance WPL at individual, placement and sector levels.

More specifically, data shows that there was self-reported high use of mobile devices, high confidence in using mobile devices, many opportunities to use mobile devices, and positive impact on connection and learning. However, data also highlighted that there was a need for better preparation and training, adherence to policies and guidelines, more reliable internet access, broader integration of technology use with learning and a greater focus on people and pedagogy.

The findings have helped identify pedagogically sound capacity building principles used to develop a set of resources to enhance technology-mediated practices and learning, which constitutes a Mobile Technology Capacity Building Framework.