How to use the resources

The Mobile Technology Capacity Building Framework for Workplace Learning includes eight resources. These have been designed for teachers to help students become better at managing themselves as professionals who are continually learning – making good use of technology as they do so.

The resources are:

  1. Planning learning experiences
  2. Using personal mobile devices professionally and safely
  3. Initiating dialogue
  4. Establishing networking activities
  5. Creating learning activities on the go
  6. Deepening reflection
  7. Considering issues of time and place
  8. The GPS for WPL

Resources 1 to 7 are series of thematic discussions and artefacts. The thematic discussion includes a problem statement, contextualising examples, references and pedagogical principles to provide a deeper understanding of the area of concern. The artefacts are practical instructions and tasks that teachers can adapt and use with students and/or workplace educators (WPEs).

Resource 8, the GPS for WPL, is an online tool for students to quickly access bite size information, tasks and further reading relevant to the seven themes covered in the above resources.

Adapting the resources

The resources on this website should be adapted to be used appropriately with your students. There can be huge differences between professions, students and placement settings, with respect to the appropriate use of mobile devices. Views on what is productive and what is acceptable are changing over time. So we cannot say precisely what you will need – that is why the resources here need to be customised. Besides that, most students need guidance about how to make good use of mobile technology in workplace learning (WPL).

You will need to strike the right balance between telling students what to do and helping them develop the capacity to make their own professional learning decisions. Some students may need stronger scaffolding than others. So you need to make judgements, when customising these resources, about the degree of guidance or freedom they need.

Implementing the resources

We suggest that you use the resources in discussions with colleagues (teachers, WPEs) who work with you on WPL preparation. Ideally, such discussions can be very useful in fine-tuning the resources according to the level of guidance that students will need. Also, the material we are providing can be very good at stimulating focused discussions on what students most need. Ask yourself: “Am I willing to use something new?” or “How can I re-purpose something that I am already using?”

The resources can be thought of as sitting at different and also overlapping points in a learning cycle/spiral of students’ activity – flowing from awareness raising through engagement to sense-making. They can also be used with students before, during and after placements.

For WPEs in the host organisations, the resources can be used to help them supervise, assess and/or mentor students in their workplace. For Academics, they can be used at all stages of curriculum design of a WPL program.