Initiating dialogue

This page offers a list of resources and activities to help students initiate dialogue with workplace educators (WPEs) around the use of mobile technology for workplace learning (WPL):

  1. Strategic questions for initiating dialogue
  2. GPS for WPL resources

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downloadDownload these sample tasks and activities as a ‘doc’ file.

1/ Strategic questions for initiating dialogue

Using strategic questions is an effective way to achieve a shared understanding of the use of personal mobile devices for learning and work on placement. The table below helps raise questions about key issues under specific domains when using mobile technology to enhance WPL experiences. For each domain, consider who might be responsible for initiating and maintaining dialogue, as well as how, where, when (pre, during and/or post-placement), with whom and for what tasks. We also provide sample questions for students to start a dialogue with their WPE. To initiate dialogue requires more than asking an open question; it also requires actively listening to the answers and using follow-up questions to expand on and clarify issues. These follow-up questions can happen over the duration of the placement and, thus, ensure an ongoing dialogue between students and WPEs, for example.


2/ GPS for WPL resources

For more relevant bite size information, tasks and further reading, refer students to the following links in the GPS for WPL, an online resource for students to navigate the WPL landscape with mobile technology:

downloadDownload these sample tasks and activities as a ‘doc’ file.